Monday, July 8, 2013

Twelve Hours of Giggles....

 My Twelve Hour ALL DAY quilt class is lots of FUN!!!!

 There are giggles aplenty !!!!

 Dear friends enjoy the time spent together each month chatting and creating. 

 This sweet young lady finished her FIRST quilt. 
 She was BEYOND excited, and SEW was I !!!!

I can count on Nicole to bring the cutest projects. 
 LOVE YOU Nicole!!!!!

How cute are these fishes....LOVE LOVE LOVE . 

 Laurie made TWO quilts....
one for a baby girl and the companion for a baby boy.  


Some people didn't make a quilt at all!!!!
Mary Alice was our "Mad Hatter" making hats for all of her friends to wear to the races.

Thanks to ALL my girls for making the day SO much fun. 
 Can't wait to do it again next month!!!


Betty Lou said...

Sound like a fun class with time enough to have some very nice finishes.

Yvonne said...

A twelve hour class? That is why everyone looks so happy! Wouldn't we all want a class to last for twelve hours! so much fun just to sew all day among friends isn't it?
And such nice things are made, compliments to all the ladies.