Monday, September 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Dear Oma.....

 We are officially in Birthday Season....and there are so many fun times to celebrate!!!!

Oma is a very joyous 91 years old!!!! 

We decided to spoil her with ALL of her favorite things!!!

Las Brisas in Laguna Beach is a favorite
...both for the yummy food and the incredibly beautiful view of the ocean. 

My brother and his family made the trek to Oma's FAVORITE Mexican restaurant. 
We have been enjoying the Chili Pepper since we were youngsters. 

Oma LOVES Roger's Gardens in Newport Beach was a must!!!!

 We followed that by enjoying a cruise along the Newport Bay.
 A trip on the ferry boat too!!!

We all hope to be as healthy and joyfilled as my Mom is at the young age of 91. 

Happy Birthday Oma....and here is to many more celebrations to come!!!!


sunny said...

Happy birthday Oma!

Yvonne said...

Many congratulations with your Mom Annelies. Wouldn't we all like to be so blessed at 91? Looks like you found the perfect way to celebrate this special day! Give Oma a big hug from me will you?

debbie @ happy little cottage said...

May we all be as happy and healthy as Oma!! Happy Birthday! xoxo