Sunday, March 30, 2014


You hear me talk ALOT about babysitting our cute Grandchildren....
well this time it was all about our FUR Grandchild!!!!

The kids were off to San Francisco, so we happily doggie sat
and house sat in their lovely new home.

I enlisted two of my favorite people...and off to OC we went.

We enjoyed Newport and Balboa Island....

....and I even talked Jim into a visit to my favorite antique shops!!!

There was an abundance of lovely quilts.....

Beautiful laces too.

I have always wanted to make a postage stamp quilt....
hmmmm, might be easier to buy one!!!!

Sweet vintage inspiration....

Oh what a darling little girl gown. 

Wonderful garden goodies too....

The sign says it ALL!!!

What did I come home with????

A Beatrix Potter plate from 1981....the year that Meghan was born.

A potholder that my Mom wants to use as inspiration to make more.

My FAVORITE FIND....something my sweet Mom spied, and then gifted me with.
A Beatrix Potter door stop. 
 I am in LOVE!!!!

A stop at our FAVORITE Mexican restaurant...have been going there since I was a bitty girl.

An evening picnic in Corona Del Mar....what a sunset we all shared!!!

When it was time to leave....we picked up ONE more treat for the road!!!

....and we will sign up for Muni sitting ANYTIME!!!! 


Kim said...

It seems to me that you have had the 'funnest' weekend. Oh...I don't think I would leave that antique shop. I fear that one or two (why stop at one) of those gorgeous quilts would have found their way to my li'l home!! AND the lace....ooh one can never have enough lace!!

Yvonne said...

Muni looks like a nice friend to sit! We had lot's of German shepards, my favorite kind of dog, always loyal! And the shops you have visited while you were sitting are so cute!