Friday, March 21, 2014

Lucky Me !!!!

 On Monday I found out I won a Fabric Giftcard......WOO HOO!!!

 I SEW appreciate it. 

Today I opened my email and found out I won THIS!!!!  
Isn't it GORGEOUS!!!!

I love this blog...and I love my prize too!!!

Maybe I should go buy a lottery ticket!!!  
It has been a lucky week. 

Of course I DO believe I have won "Life's Lottery".

Look at these adorable kids I have spent the week with. 
Without a doubt....I am one LUCKY lady!!!! 


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Congratulations! How wonderful!

Meghan said...

You should have heard Donovan saying his prayers tonight. "Thank you for my fun day. For Oma and Grampie, and Legoland, and the airport, and even a restaurant." My heart was smiling. He sure does feel special when he has his Oma and Grampie days. xoxo

Yvonne said...

The kids look adorable and that little dress with the Daisies is so cute! You are right it is nice to be lucky in the game but the real luck are those four!