Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Sewing....

It is hard to believe how quickly time has gone.

Our tiny Miss will be celebrating her first Easter!!!!

I wanted to make things that would be both memorable and special.

I made this sweet sweater....

....and added a scalloped border to make it even cuter!!!

A special vintage button I had been saving 
was another memorable touch.

Every little girl needs an Easter Bonnet.

 We are betting this one won't stay on her head 
for more than a moment!!!!

To go with the special sweater, 
I felt our little Miss needed  dress choices.

Bright and Cheery....

...or demure and dainty.  

I know she will look adorable whatever she ( and Mommy) chooses to wear.

Happy Easter to our bittiest Easter Honey Bunny!!!!


Yvonne said...

That is so cute, you are so talented in many skills!

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Very cute!!!