Thursday, May 8, 2014

More Spring Antiques....

Jim and I took a lovely country drive...and ended up at this delightful destination.

Such a lovely and tempting group of antiques and collectibles.

The site itself has quite a history. 

 The "Original" Betty Crocker radio show was performed here in the 40's. 

Now the barn was filled with lovely things....

Lovingly placed in adorable vignettes.  

This had to be the CUTEST of all. 
 Can you guess what this is????  

It is a bunny hutch and inside the basket were four adorable bitty bunnies!!!!

I loved this wonderful planter.....but it did not come home with me.

I did find another treasure for my Beatrix Potter "obsessive"  collection.  

The other purchase...
this adorable and unique shelf which houses some of my favorite fabrics.

Another fun day in the country, and another lovely way to spend the weekend. 

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Yvonne said...

Love the shelf and plate. I have to read the book of Peter Rabbit ( we call him Pieter Konijn in Holland) every time to Rosa as a bedtime story. You have the most cutest Antique shops there.....