Saturday, August 16, 2014

I Never Would Have Believed It.....

This sign is by our front always referred to ME!!!!  

I did the planting, the watering, the fertilizing and the pruning.  
But a very magical thing happened!!!!

My husband went with me to a "Country Nursery" and he bought this plant.
I was not impressed....not that pretty, and it is called a WEED. 

But I was wrong.   It was PERFECT!!!!
Look closely and you can see why.

It is the habitat of this caterpillar.

 It magically turned my husband from having NO interest in the garden, 
to his spending endless hours watching for this. 

The hatching of a Monarch Butterfly!!!!

Our mornings are consumed by finding new chrysalis
 and waiting for the magical moment they are born.

Who knew that one simple plant could turn my husband from a NON gardener......

to this!!!!


Yvonne said...

So that is the just have to find him the right plant! The butterflies are amazing!

Meghan said...

No exaggeration, our milk weed has about 20 caterpillars on it! We're running out of leaves. I can not believe how many there are! Donovan and I are loving it!!!

Carol said...

That is absolutely amazing! Love!

Jooles said...

F A N T A S T I C !
What a brilliant story and sounds like you may even gain a new helper out there!
love Jooles x x x

P.S Thank you for your kind comment x

Meghan said...

Okay, I stand corrected… Donovan and I counted THIRTY SEVEN caterpillars on our plant tonight. It's insane. There are practically no leaves left, but lots of plump happy looking caterpillars! It's such an incredible process. We are enjoying every bit of it. (And in other news, tell Dad that his wine is a winner as well!) Yum!

Candace said...

I tried to find Milk Weed to plant in my new flower garden, I will have to try harder! I saved space for "weeds" for the important species like Monarch Butterflies.