Monday, April 11, 2016

Easter Fun....

Easter has always been so much fun for me. 

I am inspired by cute Easter displays in my favorite shops....

...then I go home and decorate my home to be hopefully as cute. 

Out come the Easter quilts....

...and each area of our home is decorated with my favorite bunnies. 

The front porch is no exception!!!

Our Easter Day was celebrated at Jonathan and Jill's lovely home. 

Little girls in Easter dresses....

  ....await their fun cousins to share in the special day. 

The Easter Bunny makes sure there are lots of surprises!!!

Little ones can hardly wait to open and enjoy their baskets. 

What fun it is to see the joy thru children's eyes.

There are fun games to play...

...and cousin Leesie shared a tradition from her family.
 All of the little ones are anxious to play. 

Hmmmm.....try NOT to crack the egg!!!

There are lots of hugs...

....and lots of giggles.  
What a fun Easter it was. 

 So happy that we can all enjoy this special time together. 


sunny said...

What a fun family holiday! I'd like to get an Easter basket filled with goodies like those. I love the quilt with the bunny and the wee baskets at the top!

Yvonne said...

You are the best at home decoration! Your house looks so lovely and you even got a special egg from the White House!
Your Easter is a much bigger celebration than it is in Holland! So much fun!
I had a wonderful Skype meeting with your Mom yesterday, glad she is feeling better!