Saturday, March 31, 2018

Easter Joy....

There is an excitement and joy to be found in this season. 

Much of it brought along by five adorable Grandchildren 
who can hardly wait for the Easter Bunny. 

I find joy in decorating with fresh new quilts...

....that I hope will bring a smile to all who enter our home. 

Sweet lambs remind me of the Easter we spent in England. 

A memory I will cherish for always. 

Some items I decorate with are thrifted....
like the sweet needlepoint pillow which was a $4. find.

This cute bunny planter was a $3. purchase in a barn sale. 

Some items come with mixed emotions. 

Last year when we entered Trish's home after her passing,
 this sweet Easter item was displayed on her kitchen table. 

Last year it brought tears....this year, I know it is meant to bring joy.  

I wish you all a Blessed Easter.  

I am grateful for family....and for a loving God who blesses us abundantly. 

May your Easter be joyous, and your Spring season full of wonder. 

1 comment:

Yvonne said...

You are such a giften decorator. Love your Easter home.
Hope you have a lot of blessings and love around.