Thursday, October 2, 2008

In the midst of all this hot weather my mind goes to....

Christmas.....well not exactly the season, but I am knee deep in making a Christmas quilt.  Not ANY Christmas quilt, but this one is a prototype for the new pattern QIAD will be publishing.  
     Working on a project that is going to be published is fun, hard work, and often has unexpected twists and turns.  The size you made last month is now excluded and the new size needs to be made NOW.  After all quilt market is just around the corner.
    So in the midst of all this heat, I am sitting under my ceiling fan, pink lemonade at my side and happily sewing away.  I think this will be a fan pattern and hopefully a successful one for QIAD.  The topper size goes together SEW easily.  In fact I finished the quilt top yesterday squeezing it in between at 8am work meeting, a bit of shopping ( I have to have my Anthropologie fix), watching my Netflix ( the Tudors...very saucy and somewhat historical) dinner with Mom ( thanks Mom ) and a VERY full Wednesday evening quilt class.
    Back to work.  Yes, I have included a scalloped border and yes I still have to do the binding.  Always something to keep me busy. Hoping a Christmas quilt will bring on the cooler weather!!!! 

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jkboller said...

I love this fabric, cousin!! I can't wait to see the entire quilt you are working on.