Sunday, October 26, 2008

Shark Week....

     Jonathan came with his lovely wife Jill and Jill's mom to spend the night.  They attended a wedding,  and then came to our home later.  Somewhere in the many conversations we had, Jonathan brought up that I had not yet "blogged" about him. this is my chance to even things out.     
     What can I say about my first born, other than he is and will always be my heart.  He taught me how to be a Mom , both good and bad.  We grew up together in many ways.  He had all the characteristics of a first born...hesitant , challenging, but most of all loving.
     He still calls each day.  His calls mostly consist of his chatting generically with me, and then Jim gets on the phone and the call get energetic about sports, photography and travel.  All things he has in common with his Dad.
     He has so much in common with Jim.  His height which is obvious, but more his character to be kind and compassionate and deeply loving.  He will always be the apple of his Oma's eye, and she will always remember that she "raised him" in many ways.  To this day they hold a very special bond and it is something to treasure. 
     So Jonathan, when I told him I would certainly blog about him and correct this oversight said "yeah Mom, I know....sort of like Shark Week".  So here it is Jonathan.....maybe this was not as timely as it should have been, but you know you are more than Shark Week in my heart.  I love and miss you when you aren't here.  Please come visit again very soon.  I love you so much. 

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