Friday, October 24, 2008

Wisdom from Elizabeth....

On Thursdays I teach a beginning quilting class.  The class is four weeks long and goes over the basics of making and completing a quilt.  Most classes involve getting my beginners enthusiastic and confident.  I love my job.  
     Some Thursdays are a bit different.  My beginners become proficient, but do not want to leave the beginner course. They have developed friendships along with the skill of quilt making.  They really don't need my help ( all that much).  I tease them that if they get to good, I lose my job security.  They laugh....and I laugh with them.
     Last night was one of these classes.  My students were all confidently working on their projects.  They were piecing, they were quilting and they were finishing up bindings.  They were all sharing lots of ideas on lots of subjects, but inevitably the subject always comes back to the economy.  
    We are all confused and worried.  What we had last month, we do not have now.  Our security, both financial and personal seems to be shaken.  I share with my students that I refuse to be worried.  I believe in a positive outlook and that we are blessed if we can be happy with whatever we have.
     Elizabeth, with the lovely face and sweet demeanor says to me " you know why we will be ok Annie?"  I answer she looks at me and says "because we can go to the beach, and when we do we feel very rich." 
    So today I went to the beach.  I sat and looked at the endless waves. I got to the water's edge and felt the icy coolness surround my feet.  I felt the sun on my face.  I began to sing out in my best Judy Collins impression  "tis a gift to be simple.....".  And I thought about Elizabeth and how she has life so right.  
     I picked up a small seashell and will put it on my nightstand.  It will remind me daily how rich I am, because we can find our fortune in simple gifts. 

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