Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Day of Rest is always best.....

I think of all the days of the week, I am loving Sunday's best.  I love waking up to the Morning Show on CBS, and the fact that all of the news they share is so uplifting.  
       I love getting ready for Church, and I love that I get to sit with my kids and enjoy the message that North Coast teaches.
     I love that we gather for breakfast and that as the food nourishes our bodies, the joy of family nourishes my soul. This week my Mom made brunch.  My Mom makes each meal such an event.  
     She brought out her best dishes, cut fresh flowers from the garden to grace our table, and always makes sure that there is room for anyone who would like to attend. 
      This week Norm shared our meal with us.  Norm is the husband of my dear friend Marty, who sadly  passed away last December.  It is a loss we all still feel deeply, but there is joy in being together and I hope it brings comfort to Norm.  My Mom humbles me in her graciousness.  
Here is a photo of the "girls" in Oma's beautiful garden.  I look forward to more Sunday Brunches and the blessing of family to share them with. 


Yaya and Papa said...

You and your family are truly "sew blessed!"

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Looks like a wonderful Sunday!

Kate said...

What a nice picture of family and friends... I love the skirt too, that you made for your Meg!