Wednesday, May 13, 2009

As Promised.....

What can you say to a boss who is as gracious as she is funny?  Thank you is a good start.  Eleanor Burns hostesses a camp twice a year close to her home in Julian.  She opens her home to her students to enjoy and allows some of her lucky staff to spend the nights in her darling log cottage.
This was my room....and the lovely lilacs in the previous photo are from the roadside as you enter the ranch.  She sweetly put fresh flowers in each of our rooms.  How lovely is that? 
I promised a peek at some of her collection of quilts that she displays in her home.  The quilts change with the season, and these are of course as fresh as a Spring day. you think the display was heavy on the tulip quilts because she wanted to please a certain Dutch teacher of hers????  
Not only are the quilts beautiful, but what a lovely backdrop a log home is.  This was one of my favorites.

This was another favorite....ok, ALL the quilts were favorites of mine!!!!
Close up of the previous quilt.....just adorable. 
Sweet Peas.....I think this might be a Mountain Mist pattern or maybe Marie Webster.  One thing for sure, El knows her quilts and has one lovely collection.  It is her dream to build an Eleanor Burns museum so everyone can enjoy her quilts.
This quilt was a BOM from JoAnne's back in the day.  I have the pattern somewhere....need to add this one to my Must Do list!!!!
This for sure is a Marie Webster quilt....because I have one too!!!!
El made this bitty quilt from a kit she purchased in Paris. We laughed that she had to go all the way to France to purchase American fabric ( that she probably already has in her store).
       I hope you enjoyed this peek at El's lovely home and quilt collection.  I am one lucky girl to get to teach at QIAD, and going to camp is one of the best parts!!!!

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Pam said...

How beautiful ...I love seeing all the pics's almost like being there!!