Monday, May 11, 2009

It was all SEW lovely.....

Here we are....the QIAD camp staff enjoying every fun moment of our camping experience!
So....did I have you curious about our mystery blogger who was going to camp.  Here she is peeking from behind her adorable quilt.
Ta was our own Polka Dots and Rick Rack girl, and YES, she did solve the mystery for me about how you can turn square charm blocks into whirlygiggles!!!!  And giggle we did. Cheryl you made my time at camp SEW enjoyable!!!
The QIAD staff provides a fun version of our store just for our campers!
Sue B.  organizes the most wonderful "auction",  with all of the money going to the Women's Resource Center. We buy tickets, we put them in the bags for the things we hope to win......
....and sometimes I get lucky!!!!  What fun and what a lovely basket of suprises.
When day is done the lucky staff girls go back to El's lovely log home for a bit of rest and refreshment.  Here El and Helen are trying to open that bottle of wine!!!!  Lucky for me, they finally got the cork to open!!! 
      I promise to include more pics in the posts to come.  Some of our students amazing work, and some of El's collection of quilts that decorated her home for Spring. 
I can't finish this post without a "shout out" to the best Mom ever.  I don't know why I was so blessed to have the Mom I have.  She has been there for me thru so many things and always makes me feel stronger and capable of all things. I hope I am half the mom for my children that she has been for me.  Momma, I love you with ALL my heart!
The two sweetest kids ever....with their much loved Oma.  Mother's Day was memorable and I treasure the time we had together.  I say it often, I mean it with all my heart.  I am so blessed.


Miss Jean said...

Ok, how did you turn the blocks into whirlygiggles? It looks like the charm square quilt was already sewn together so I am completely stumped.

Pam said...

Hmm what is the secret to turning square charm blocks into whirlygiggles???