Friday, May 22, 2009

Road Trip.....

     Yesterday I thought I would take advantage of having the house all to myself so that I could do a bit of cleaning and organizing.  Silly me....I started in my sewing room.  What I thought would take a quick hour ended up being a nearly all day event.  As I finished stacking and placing my stash in an orderly fashion the mantra "NO MORE FABRIC" kept repeating in my head. 
     So today my friend Linda called me and said "would you like to go on a road trip" and of course I said YES!!!!

     Off to Temecula we went and of course our first stop was Quilters Coop.  I was sure I could get out of the shop without a piece of fabric, but then I bumped into a bolt of Fig Tree's newest line that has a road map of France.  
     By pure coincidence I had downloaded this wonderful cross stitch design ( FREE on Blackbird designs blog) , and thought it would be delightful to place the stitchery on the fabric background and frame the whole thing for a certain couple that Honeymooned in Paris.  That was the beginning of my "what mantra?" kind of day!!! 

Next we saw this "way to cute" line that Anne Sutton of Bunnyhill Designs  created and named Chelsea after her cute little dog.  How can you say NO to too went into my shopping bag. 
     Now you would think I would stop there, but I cajole Linda into stopping at yet another quilt shop.  That is where I found the cute Polka Dot fabric to add to my Tanya Whelan stash to make this adorable Amy Butler bag.  
     We stopped for a bit of lunch at Mimi's and discussed what other things we could add to our fun day.  Yarn of course!!!!  I found the multicolored yarn on sale at the sweetest knit shop , and then the matching Spa yarn at Michael's.  This will be one seriously adorable summer scarf. 
     Thought these handles would do justice to another pattern for an Amy Butler bag that I would love to make.
And how could I pass up an Elephant pattern that would make the cutest nursery quilt.....not for ANYONE in particular, but you never know!!!!
     So, my floors aren't washed, I will have to rearrange the sewing closet ONE more time, but it was all worth it.  Seriously....what is more fun than shopping, and can anyone really have TOOOO much fabric???? 


Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

LOL...I say the same thing about my stash!! Anyway, hope to get someone to drive me to Michael's so I can spend your gift card and get some SPA yarn!! That stuff looks soft!

Sandy said...

I really love the fabric for the Amy Butler bag....I love pinks and I am into polka dots lately. Can't wait to see it done.

Kate said...

I'm making that Amy Butler bag!!! I can't wait to finish!