Monday, May 25, 2009

Truly we are Blessed.....

    On this Memorial Day, I want to take a moment to thank ALL service men and women, and to share the happiest news that Jake is out of Iraq and safely in Germany. Jake is the youngest brother of my dear Jill, who is married to our very tall son Jonathan.  
     It has been a very difficult year for their family, as it is for all of the families whose soldiers are in harms way.  I have loved Jennifer's deep faith in praying for her son and Jill for creating a website which kept all of us informed of Jakes needs.  Jake received a weekly package of goodies while in Iraq to remind him of how much we all missed him and looked forward to when he would be home.
     So we count the days until Jake is home on US soil, and of course will blog about the wonderful party that will be given.  Thank you Jake for your service, and thank you God for bringing him home safely. Our freedom comes at a huge price....we cannot thank our soldiers and their families enough. 

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