Friday, July 10, 2009

Loving my Summer.....

This poster pretty much describes my summer....and NO I do not surf. Not that I wouldn't love to learn, but I passed those "cute in a bikini days" a long time ago!!!!
Instead, my days have been divided between quilting with Meghan and spending time at the beach. Can you sense my complete relaxation?
Today Jim and I leave for a minivacation to Santa Barbara. I am sure there will be quilt shops to see and Jim will find wonderful things to photograph. I will chat at ya all when I get back. Til then "Hang Ten"....wasn't that surfer talk for have a good time?

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jessica said...

Hi Mom D! So glad to hear that you are having such a relaxing summer! Have so much fun this weekend in Santa Barbara..sounds so lovely! I am in love with your Moda quilt top a few posts it a pinwheel design?..i love that line of fabrics. Can't get over how you just seem to crank those babies (quilt tops) out! Thanks for the inspiration! Love you!