Monday, September 7, 2009

Goodbye to Summer.....

This summer was like each summer.....gone much to quickly, but filling our hearts with memories to cherish for a very long time.
This was the summer that Dustin and Meghan became homeowners, and we gifted Dustin with this barbecue for his birthday. Their home is lovely, their spirits are strong and while summer brought both joy and much sorrow, we were grateful for the blessings of this home that will shelter them for many years to come.
We began our summer with a celebration of Jill's brothers return from Iraq and we were introduced to our new Grandpuppy Munich.
We thought that Munich would be our only grandchild for a long time...but summer held a huge surprise!!!
Meghan found out that she was quite talented at DYI!!! Her efforts have been rewarded in a very lovely home that she and Dustin now happily share.
We had family visit from Holland and when they left.....
.....even more visitors came! Oma and her baby brother Piet were reunited and we couldn't have had a happier time together.
Along with my Oom Piet and my Tante Agaat, our house became joyfully full when Arjan, Yvonne, Milou and Amber stayed with us for their California vacation. It seemed to go so quickly. One moment we were busily cleaning and organizing in anticipation of a summer of guests, and then our homes were empty and summer seemed to fade away. Now we look forward to next summer which will be exciting for lots of reasons......
Reasons that will look just like this. I can hardly wait!!!!!

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