Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Sisterhood.....

What is it that I love most about quilting? Could it be the wonderful fabrics, the complexity of designs, the feeling of accomplishment when you complete your quilt and snuggle it close ? Yes, all of those things are wonderful, but without a doubt the BEST part of quilting is the sisterhood of friendships that I have been blessed with.
So this weekend was our gathering at the convent to make quilts, laugh much, share all the joys and sorrows that life brings and surround myself with the best group of ladies one could hope to find. Each retreat has similarities, but each visit to the convent reminds me of how lucky I am to be a part of this group of "Piecemakers".

Linda and I get up early, pack our car and get to the "Coop" in Temecula just as it is about to open. There is NOTHING about this shop that disappoints. The staff is friendly, the samples are plentiful and there are so many fabric collections and patterns that I wonder how I can possibly make them all!
The temperature outside was nasty and hot, but inside the shop it was cool and the feeling of "Fall" was in the air.
I had to buy this pattern "just because". I always fall in love with any quilt that is finished with a scallop.
Needless to say my taste in quilt patterns is greatly influenced by a happy event that will bless our lives in March. How many baby quilts can I make between now and then.....LOTS!!!!
When I got to the convent my sweet and dear friend Juanice gifted me with my first Grandma presents!!! I was so excited....a brag book and believe me there will be MUCH bragging. After all I have been dreaming of this little one for a very long time!!!!
There were some very beautiful quilts being made....this one by my friend Linda. Isn't it just the most cheerful and happy quilt?
....and I made this. Yep, the picture is a bit out of focus, but that is a pretty realistic photo of a quiltmaker with very little sleep who was sipping happily on Sangria!
There were moments when I would just stop what I was doing, listen to the hum of sewing machines and the laughter and chattering of all of my friends. It was one of those times that you wanted to freeze in your mind forever. I will cherish the memories of this weekend til the next time we meet. Thanks sweet sisters for making this weekend the best. I am so grateful for ALL of you in my life.


Mary Lou Nye said...

WOW.... Not fair that you girls had all the fun. I hope and pray I can go next time and next time and sew on and sew on......
Have a great vacation. Don't worry, be Happy :)
See ya when you get back.
Mary Lou

Patty said...

Seeing you at your Gathering make wish for October, that's when we go for our weekend of quilting. Just like you, sometimes I just sit and listen to what is going on around me. Even though it's a weekend of very little sleep I always come back refreshed.