Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Did I happen to mention......

....that Jonathan and Jill had their first ultrasound and they were told that Baby Dease has an 80% chance of being a GIRL!!!!
A reasonable Grandmother to be would do the math and say "well, it could STILL be a BOY". But who wants to be REASONABLE when you could be SHOPPING instead!!!! So all of this "girlie" goodness came by UPS this week.
But that can't be off to Joanne's I went to pick up yards and yards of pink joy!!! I am picturing quilts and dresses and even baby shoes ( lots of good patterns on the internet). I am one ambitious Grandma, and I have to keep busy doing something til March!
Oh....did I mention the flannels???? Well, had to have LOTS of that too. After all this baby needs to be wrapped in a LOT of softness along with lots of love. The bottom flannel I got even more of. Our Jilly loves elephants, so maybe a Mother/Daughter pajama set????
Someday I dream of our little Clare ( yes...she already has a name, and I LOVE it) sitting like this and enjoying every minute of my teaching her how to make things by hand, and given from the heart. That is what I am planning to do for the next few months.
Just know little Clare that you are already loved to the MAX.....and thanks for the sweet wave you gave ( even though your Momma said it was a punch) while you were being filmed on the Ultrasound. I am waving right back at you. XXX Grandma


Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Wait a minute...aren't you going to go by "Oma??"

I loooove pink...I am crocheting a baby blanket as we speak, but throwing in both pink and blue...don't say anything yet since this is a new pattern for me and it depends how it turns out!!:) Otherwise, I'll go back to my stand by of the V-stitch pattern!!

Meghan Hein said...

wooo hoooo! I LOVE our little Clare. Can't wait to see her all dolled up in those outfits. :)