Sunday, October 4, 2009

Vacation discoveries.....

Not having a travel plan means you find places like this delightful Wisconsin downtown where we saw a posting for a lovely dinner, but found out later that..... was also a Bed and Breakfast that spoiled us with a great nights rest.
We found out that the best breakfasts can be found in a bakery. Yep, I had a cream puff and Jim had......

....the biggest piece of Red Velvet Cake. Maybe not a nutritious breakfast, but it sure was lots of fun!
We discovered that our home outside of Chicago was still as cute as we remembered....and up for sale. Sure loved the house, but hated those winters.
Jim wanted to relive his favorite hamburger place where we feasted on the best burgers and the even better......
...plate of Onion Straws. Do you think we ate the WHOLE plate....of course we did!!!
I finally got Jim to take me to a quilt shop.....
a darling cottage full of the cutest things.
Lots to see.....
...including a trunk show provided by Quiltsmart.
....and a room full of Thimbleberries goodies.
....and more Quiltsmart!
What else did I discover....well, that I had better end this vacation and get to work on some baby quilts like this!!!!
So we had our final vacation meal at this little stand in Wheaton, Illinois. Can I say that I learned two important things on this vacation. That some of our best meals were found in the least expected places.....and that this was by far the BEST Hot Dog I have ever feasted on!!!!
And finally that as much fun as we had on our trip, it was equally wonderful to be home again. We have sat and revisited this vacation by looking again and again at the ton of photos we have taken. I say lets do it again..... and thanks for sharing the fun with me!

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Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Wow you guys sure didn't keep on your wouldn't either.

I bet that jerked at your heart seeing your old house up for sale...were you even the least bit tempted??

Quilt store looks so cute!