Sunday, November 29, 2009

Can life be any sweeter......

Today we had our second Thanksgiving celebration. With the kids now married and having other families to celebrate with, we have begun our own tradition of celebrating when we can all be regard to which day that will be.
We truly celebrate the Thanksgiving of family....being together to join in prayer, eating a wonderful meal and looking forward to the holiday season to come.
The days ahead will be busy. We will celebrate St. Nicholas, share our dream home in Montecito for a weekend, enjoy Christmas, the yearly Balboa walk and then wait for the New Year to celebrate again.
But all of this becomes even more meaningful when we can just spend time together. We reflected today that no one remembers the gifts we receive as much as we remember the times we share.
I am so grateful for our children. They have accomplished much this year, and even in the hardest of times, they have endured with a strong faith and a knowledge that family will always be there to support them .
We ended our evening by going to Meghan and Dustin's new home for dessert. Their home is festive and decorated with much love.
I look forward to this holiday season and the chance to spend it with those that I love so much. Truly a reason to be is the greatest gift of all.

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MvR said...

Awww, I'm thankful to have family over there. I love how close you all are, I really adore that! So getting ready for 'sinterklaas' huh! Us too :) Does oma make 'pepernoten' or 'kruidnoten'? Much much love and say hi to the family!


Ps. must be strange to celebrate Sinterklaas in t-shirts in the sun!