Monday, November 2, 2009

Lots of tricks!!!!

Halloween day was one of those wonderful California days where the sun was shining and the air was crisp. The perfect day to search out a new quilt shop I had heard about.
Mapquest was NOT my friend, but with the help of my Mom and my friend Linda, we reached our goal!
Maisonnette was everything I had hoped it would be and MUCH more. A combination of art, photography and lovely fabric everywhere.
I was in creative overdrive and didn't know what to admire first. Don't you just LOVE these fabric art pieces....and yes, it is a class.
I began to walk into the next room ( did I mention that all of this goodness is displayed in each darling room of this cottage) and I stumbled across MY pattern on display!!!
This was the first time I had seen "Twice as Nice" anywhere other than our own shop. Did I jump up and down....sadly, yes I did!!!
But this is what caused my heart to double beat....little dresses and patterns by Oliver and S. The patterns read " traditional clothing patterns done with dressmaker touches" and I knew I had found Oma heaven.
I loved the combination of traditional with trendsetting fabrics. I didn't know which pattern to buy first.

The kitchen is wonderfully retro....and displayed fabrics to add to the theme.
Every niche was filled with goodness...and a couple of these bolts needed to come home with me.
Talk about bright and beautiful....what a fun collection displayed in such a fun way. I was smitten.
Rounds and rounds of fabrics that spoke to me. I could picture lots of things to make....the inspiration was unending.
Did I even mention how SWEET the ladies were who worked/own the shop. I fell in love with them when they took the time to make my Mom a cup of tea and allowed her to rest in this delicious chair. Mom was VERY impressed that they made her a cup of Earl Grey....her very favorite.
Mom lovingly held onto another dress whose pattern I MUST have...and they have kindly offered to order for me. The back is even cuter than the front. Oh Clare, you will be one styling little lady if your Oma can makes all the things she is dreaming about.

And what are dresses if you can't have hair bows and bands to go with them? Don't you just love them all...and yes, I found an online pattern to show me how to make hairbands. I wonder if our little Clare will have hair enough that needs to be held back (G)!!!
So what did I buy???? Well, I seem to think there are never enough polka dots, and the fact that Dots were on sale just made the buying easier. Remember you can click on any photo to enlarge.....check out the Oliver and S pattern that came home with me.
These two fabrics are by Anna Maria Horner and Amy Butler. Who knew you could blend the two and then throw in a Heather Bailey pattern into the mix.
So while I waited for Trick or Treaters, I cut out this bag and began to sew. The pattern went together very well....
....and a short time later I had the front and lining completed. The handles.....well they were a bit more tricky, but I knew in the end they would be more "treat than trick".
Here is the completed bag ready to be delivered to a sweet teacher who loves style....on a budget!
And here was another is reversible! So if you are in the area ( also worthy of a field trip if you are not in the area) be sure to check out "Maisonnette"......located in Oceanside, close to the beach.
I can't say enough about what a delicious experience it was.
I have a feeling I am going to be spending LOTS of time and lots of paychecks there. Any shop that can combine traditional with trendy, edgy without being TOOOO out there, has my admiration. Now I am looking forward to when Jill and her Mom can come visit. I am sure we can find the perfect fabrics for a very stylish diaper bag.
It is highly likely that I may bump into you there.....I can't wait to have a return visit.


Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

That shop looks dangerous, but you didn't take a snap of your book, unless I missed it! Love the bag...double wonderful that it's reversible!

Patty said...

OOh looks like you had fun! What a thrill itmust be to see your own pattern in a store! Congratulations!

Meghan Hein said...

I'm a lucky girl!

MvR said...

Allright, so the feeling's deep when I look at these pictures:

I miss you all!

(And california-weather. As we speak it's pouring rain outside.)


MvR said...

Haha bad at everything else. I'm not a big expert on quilting and such, I'm pretty darn sure you're good at it. I guess you are the expert there! I saw your quilt in a book ;) The only book I've ever made it in was the yearbook at our school, ha!

And the love & hippie part. I believe so yes, that when there's love in your heart you'll always find something positive. You're the living example :). Say hi to hardworking Jim there! ;)


Ps. now off to bed we go, as I wrote: circusschool tomorrow, haha!

Madeline said...

Oh we soo enjoyed having you here! How exciting to meet the designer of the "Twice as Nice" quilt pattern!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE that purse!!! I think I HAVE to make one just like yours!
Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Ava said...

Ohh... what a treat to see your beautiful post on our shop! Thank you so for coming in!! We really enjoyed meeting you and we were thrilled to have the designer of "Twice as Nice" in our shop!

Gloria said...

Oh my gosh Annie!!! What a darling darling shop. I know that this place is going to be a very bad habit for me.

Of course your pattern is in a shop like that. I could have told you that! What fun.

The purse is really darling. What a lucky little one Clare is going to be to have you for Grandma.


Cheryl said...

That shop looks so cute!!! Three more days and chatting with you in person....YIPEE!!