Thursday, November 19, 2009

Quilts and More Quilts.....

A typical day at camp with the Head Turkey ( am I allowed to call my boss a turkey) doing a demo for a new QIAD pattern. Yes, she was dressed in a Turkey suit to make a point! What El won't do for her campers!!!!
But...if you thought there was only FUN going on at camp, you would be WRONG. There is a lot of serious ( oh well...not always serious) sewing going on too.
This is my "Twice as Nice" pattern made by Marie. She is one of the sweethearts of the camp, always making us fresh delicious coffee and sharing treats and hugs. She said that she has NEVER finished a quilt top at camp. But this time she made all three quilts from my pattern that uses only ONE "Jelly Roll". Hopeless plug for my own pattern, but she sure did a great job.
Marie even gets a HUG from Eleanor Burns for completing her project. Marie looks very pleased.
There were so many awesome quilts made at camp...this one is a "How Charming" quilt and I just loved it to bits!
Kathy made an "All Wrapped Up" and it was just darling.
A sparkling "Day and Night".
Beautiful "Pinwheels and Rectangles".
Here is a "Quick Trip" of the easiest and most fun QIAD patterns.
Another "Twice as Nice" ....this time in Batiks.
This quilt was made from a "Layer Cake".
This one just looked like a stained glass window.
Some projects are teeny....
....other's quite large! ( How Charming)
Day and Night....HUGE!!!!
Some quilts just touch your heart. This quilt was made using some embroidered squares that Donna found after her mom passed away. A wonderful tribute and memory.
I end with a preview of El's new quilt that will be published soonest. It is about the history of "Barn Quilts" in the USA. Love this quilt...on my "someday" list.
Tomorrow I will share what "I" worked on at camp.....see you then.

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Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

I love that pink quilt! Be perfect for your future grand daughter!