Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bear's Paw Ranch.....

It is always a privilege to stay at Bear's Paw Ranch..... Eleanor's lovely log cabin home outside of the town of Julian. It is surrounded by acres and acres of lovely trees and at this time of the year the leaves were golden and splendid.
The inside of the home is cozy and welcoming. I always describe it like getting a hug from Grandma. The morning starts with a welcoming rich cup of coffee and the nights are spent around the fire place catching up on all the latest QIAD news.
Here is a photo of one side of a guest room.....
....and this was my bed, all cozy and snug.
Across from the house is a dreamy sewing room located on the second story. The views outside the studio are serene....

....the walls are flooded with natural light and the quilts are an inspiration.
This is from the Christmas at Bear's Paw book....
....and this one is from Egg Basket Quilts.
El always graciously hostesses a tea/wine tasting party at her home. I get to play caterer and help with the preparations.
El has a list of favorite recipes...salmon dip, hot artichoke dip, homemade spiced peach jam over cream cheese, berry jam that she handpicks and prepares, hot Pumpkin bread right out of the oven.
The food is plentiful, the ladies love to see El's home and we all have a very memorable time.
Many ladies love to sit on the deck, overlooking some quilts and looking out toward this wonderful view.
Other's just like to go from room to room enjoying both the antique quilt collections and the ones made from QIAD patterns.
The log staircase leads to a loft and El's bedroom....another showcase area for her quilt collections.
The dining room is almost Thanksgiving ready...El is expecting a houseful!
Here is Cheryl and some of the girls enjoying the time spent at Bear's Paw. It is always a highlight of the camp experience.

So goodbye Bear's Paw...til the Spring when the lilacs are in bloom and the Spring quilts will decorate each room. I can hardly wait to go back and visit!

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Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Looks great! And all the lovely quilts!