Monday, November 16, 2009

A week of quilted memories.....

Home again....but there is SEW much to tell. Julian was beyond wonderful. A week of someone else doing the cooking, there were no distractions, I met the most charming group of women and I sewed from morning til night. Is this, it was Camp Julian!

The landscape was inspiring. Fall colors reminded me of the beauty of the seasons. Snappy cool days and chilly nights. I bundled in sweatshirts, Mom's handmade scarf and mittens. I loved every minute of it.
This lovely tree was at the entrance of our camp dining area. I felt so inspired each time I saw its beauty.
This is the hall where half of the quilters perform their magic and where we all meet for our meals. The food is plentiful, the conversations lively and the laughter fills the room.
This is where my group of students sew....equally beautiful with wonderful large windows that provided views of Fall trees and the occasional deer. Can you hear all the chattering of the ladies and the humming of the sewing machines?
This was my bed and breakfast for the week. Lucky ME, I got to stay at Eleanor's lovely log cabin home!
There were four of us girls who slept in cozy rooms, under lovely quilts. Our nights were centered around the fireplace where we shared in lots of laughter and knitted, read and cross stitched til we were to tired to stay up anymore.

I did get to go into the town of order an apple pie OF COURSE!!!! The shops are delightful, and I came home with some fun goodies for the family. The weather felt like Christmas and the town decorations added to that spirit.
I wonder which direction I should go with my "Tales of Camp Cedar Glen". I will break the bloggy tales into little bits.
I know you will all want to see El's home in more detail, meet my lovely students, see what goes on at camp, and of course enjoy the incredible quilts.
There is MUCH more to share, but for now, there is wash to be done, a husband to care for and a kittie who needs lots of hugs!
I will share a bit each day....hope you will enjoy coming along for the journey.


Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

That looks like some cabin!! Glad you had fun!

Patty said...

Looks like there was much to do in a beautiful place.

Cheryl said...

So much fun Annie!!! I am so glad I got to spend some time with you again. Can't wait till May!!!!