Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Camp Cedar Glen.....

What makes CCG the joyful experience it always is? I have to say it is the friendships that we share. We have a love of quilting as a common bond, but the people I meet and spend time with make the week so very special.
This is a photo of Luanne and I on the LAST day of camp....which I hope explains our bleary eyed expressions. Luanne has been a QIAD teacher and mentor that I have always admired. She also is gracious enough to be my roommate when we stay at El's.
Ann comes from Tennessee and although she isn't technically a QIAD employee....she certainly could be. She has more knowledge than I have and graciously takes on the tasks that she doesn't have to do. She is one of the sweetest ladies ever and I am blessed to spend time with her each year.
One of her many projects this camp was to make my new pattern "Twice as Nice". Her Batik version is elegant and stunning. El agrees!!!!
Here is a group shot of some of our beginning of the week campers...and how much I wished they could have stayed all week. Can you spot the celebrity amongst the group? It is our own beloved blogger "Polka Dots and Rickrack", and what fun she is. Cheryl has an infectious laugh and a heart that is incredibly large. I was so excited that she was coming back to camp.
Since Cheryl lives FAR away, she gifted me with my own "Polka Dots and Rickrack" doll to keep me from missing her tooooo much. They ( Cheryl and PD) are both dolls in my book!!!!
Kathy and her SIL Ann are just two of the sweetest darlings ever! Kathy gifted me with an eyebrow trimmer. Now before you think "why would she do that"....let me tell you that it takes out mistakes faster than you can say RIP!!!!
El was so impressed that she is trying to figure out a way to market them for QIAD. So if they become the HOTTEST thing ever, remember you heard it here first!!!!
Brenda and Laura are Mom and Daughter....and my goodness they can quilt!!! It wouldn't be camp without them, and while they are part of the "other" group, I LOVE the time we can share at meals to catch up on each other's lives.
Linda has many talents and one of them is to make me laugh uncontrollably! She and her husband own a ranch and this year she shared with me all about "how to stud" a pony. Yep...you can learn about a LOT of things at camp, and not all of them are quilt related!
Diane has been coming to camp SOOOO long....maybe longer than I have. This is her ten year camp project, but this year she finished it. I wonder what she will bring next time?
Loretta was a first time camper and a newbie quilter. She choose to make my pattern "How Charming"for her very first quilt. When I told her it was so lovely that I could steal it away she answered " you may have it, because I can always make another". Right then I knew I would LOVE this new quilter....whose heart is so large and kind.
Just so you know, I didn't take the quilt, but I certainly took the memory of her kindness home with me.
Joanne is a frequent visitor to my Tuesday night class. She makes LOTS of quilts....all for her family and her friends. Another sweet and generous soul that I love to see each year at camp.
Kathy came from Minnesota. She is a new quilter, but you wouldn't know from her work. She is meticulous and precise. Hmmmm.....pretty sure she can teach me a thing or two!
Donna is simply an angel. A very quiet woman who quilts with determination and great skill. I was lucky enough to win the Christmas stocking she put into our "Women's Resource Center" auction. As much as I loved the prize, I loved it even more when she whispered to me "I was hoping you would win it, because I know how much you wanted it". How very dear she is.
Kathy is a flight atttendant from Texas...and a first time camper. She says she is coming back and that she loved the time she shared with all the quilters. Her quilt is bright and cheery just like she is. Actually just like ALL the quilters I had a chance to meet. It made my week so memorable and made my heart smile.
So tomorrow I will share a tour of El's home and the fun things she does to make CCG the great experience it is. Hope you will come back and share the joy.


Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Pretty quilts!! And it looks like such fun! Do you have to quilt to join?? I could bring something else to do...lol!

Patty said...

Very nice! Sounds likeavery lovely and talented group of ladies!