Monday, December 21, 2009

Do you want to see what I got for Christmas?????

My husband is not much of a shopper....but he sure knows the way to my heart.
So....what did the "World's Best Husband" give me for a Christmas gift?
He gave me THIS....for a weekend!!!! For a magical few days we were Oprah's neighbor in the lovely town of Montecito. But the best part of the gift was what was inside!
The gorgeous home was filled with THIS....the people I love MOST in the world!!!! For a few short days we gathered to enjoy some of the most lovely meals, dining alfresco and enjoying the beautiful lights and decorations of State Street.
Oma especially loves mussels....isn't that just the happiest smile ever?
....and after dinner we gathered at the Santa Barbara Mission, decorated in candlelight.
We sang Christmas Carols and gathered together in prayer for a Christmas blessing......
....and there were LOTS of blessings. The kids shared the gourmet kitchen to make some of the most delicious meals. Jonathan and Jill made an apple stuffed baked French Toast for breakfast, and Meghan created an Italian masterpiece of sausage, artichoke, and sun dried tomato rigatoni for dinner.
I got to feel my soon to be born Granddaughter kick...and she does provide quite a punch!
But the greatest gift of all were the smiles and the hugs...and they were priceless.
To spend time with our grown children and share the joy of their lives.....
and know how precious our time together is.....
and how I wished I could get time to stand still, but I know I will capture these days in my heart for a lifetime.
I know that nothing of value in a Tiffany box can ever come close to the joy and excitement of time spent with my family. I really hope I get the SAME gift next year and then the year after that.
Thank you so much sweet husband, and don't think that anything you can buy would ever make me as happy. This is the greatest gift by far...and I love you with all my heart for sharing it with me.


SheilaC said...

Annelies, your family always looks like they are having the best time of their lives.... thank you for sharing the pics....

I love that in all the pics Jonathan is "holding" the baby!


Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Wow, you put Oprah to shame! No way does she have as much fun as you!!

Yaya and Papa said...

What a truly "best husband" you have in Jim! He is a gem!!Merry Christmas!

Cheryl said...

Oh Annie...such a sweet post!! Made me weeeeepy with happy tears. What a wonderful gift of time with your family. My best to you and yours!!! Hugs my friend.