Thursday, December 17, 2009

And the Season continues with much joy....

Last night was our annual Christmas party with my Wednesday Night Quilters. It is a joyous occasion of gourmet treats and lovely gifts. Some of my girls have been part of the group for nearly twelve years...can that be possible????
These ladies bless me in a million ways. Reading the cards they wrote, brought me to an embarrassment of choking back tears a few times. They credit me for teaching them how to quilt. What they can't know is what they have taught me over the many years.
Did I mention that this is a quilting class. Well my Mom has been visiting the class too, and she is a GOOD ( bad) influence on many of the students !!!! I don't mind what they do in class. The objective is to give them a joyous few hours to relax from busy and hectic lives. I hope I succeed!
We each brought three fat quarters and an ornament for an exchange. Each person can pick a bag or steal a bag. Lots of fun....lots of laughs!!!
I know each of us went home with something that brought us a bit closer to the joy of the holiday season.
Poor Kim had so many bags taken from her, but she continued to smile and be very gracious!
Oma got the cutest ornament...which was taken away too. When it was MY turn I stole it back!!! Thanks for being a great sport Alice!!!!
All in all it was such a festive and joyous time. The evening ended with MY opening the generous gifts that my students brought. It was beyond amazing....and I can't thank ALL of my students enough. Each gift was thoughtful and so personal. Gifts to add to my decor, to make me feel pampered, and gifts made by hand and given from the heart. They were all deeply touching and I don't know why I am deserving...but I feel blessed!!!
I always hesitate to call my teaching a job. It is more like looking forward weekly to visiting my dearest friends. I look forward to more quilting in 2010. I hope all my students do too!!!!


Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Oh, that looks like fun!! I love those kind of exchanges!! I need to go to a party like that!

SheilaC said...

I love it that your mom is going to your quilting party!!

Looks like fun for all!