Friday, January 15, 2010

Finding Perspective.....

There has been much swirling thru my mind this week. Jim's announcement of retirement has turned my world a bit upside down.
Part of my worry has been financial. Do we have enough to live on for the "rest" of our lives. How much will we have to adjust our lifestyle, how much will we have to sacrifice?
Then there was the mixed emotions of a life we leave behind. The wonderful "Rewards" trips that we have been on, when even for a brief few days, we experienced what it was like to live the lives of the rich and famous.
I will miss friends we have made, customers who added much to our lives. I will miss that life will no longer offer transfers to locations across the country, or opportunities to build and live in lovely homes. That was then, and this is now.
Yesterday I woke up with one of the worst migraines I have ever experienced. This one did not subside, I could find NO comfort. I felt ill and no amount of tossing and turning gave me relief. I was in misery.
But the few moments I found the strength to turn on the TV, all I witnessed was the devastation in Haiti. A few weeks ago our Church gave an incredible presentation on a group called "Compassion International". I was deeply moved and left the church with an adoption packet for a sweet little boy named Wendson Etienne.
For the cost of what I make in one night's teaching ( something I LOVE to do) I can provide hope for a child who has little. He now has even less. Compassion International has already sent emails telling us that they are searching for Wendson. We pray for his safety, and I urge all of you to do the same.
This has all given me a huge dose of reality. My needs and wants seem so selfish now. The dream of having that "retirement cottage" in some wonderful place seems insignificant for people who have no home at all. What I don't have is not as important as finding joy in what I do have....and I have so much to be thankful for.
So this posting is for me....for the times my mind wanders to "what I wish I had" compared to what I am blessed to have. I will keep the packet that I received to introduce us to Wendson and when I feel my life is lacking, I will search his soulful eyes and beg God's forgiveness for my selfishness.
While my life seems a bit "shaken" up, the reality is, that my world is on a solid ground and for that I am grateful. The rest I need to work on a bit. Life is a journey and I continue to travel the road.
I pray that Wendson continues his journey with great courage....and I pray that I learn much from this small boy who is now a part of our family.


Crafty Mama said...

That was really beautiful. Very well said and I agree completely! Unfortunately sometimes it takes tragedies like this to open our eyes to the blessings that we have all around us.
I hope that sweet boy is found safe. We have 3 sponsered children around the world, and they are part of our family as well. I can't imagine anything happening to them. I would be heartbroken:-(

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Yes, it does put perspective on things, but please don't let it make you feel guilty about what you enjoy or complain about in your own life...I hope your sponsored child is well as well as the ones Meghan and Dustin have sponsored...

Yaya and Papa said...

WOW!Isn't it amazing how God reminds us of how we are blessed no matter where we are in our lives. (I may be in a similar position in my life in 6 months or so....Can I call on you for advice when I face that milestone of retirement!?!) I heard that message at No Coast and have to confess I didn't go to the booth to sponsor a child that night. It is something I want to do though (my daughter and her husband also sponsor a child thru Compassion).Hope your migraine is gone ......

Cheryl said...

So well written...from the heart. Life is always giving us lessons. All my thoughts and prayers to the people of Haiti...and big hugs to you my friend.

Sammy Girl said...

Just sending a hug your way. So much going on in the lives of so many ... Hope your and your "monster buddy" had a chance to have a bit of fun and Anthro ... He made me think of being a kid and "Where the Wild Things Are".
Here's to incredible opportunities that are just around the corner!
Betty :)