Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Winter Rains.....

The rains have been fierce....and so has the wind. Cozy time, and of course that means time in my sewing room. Lots to share, but that will come later.
What I am looking forward to is the flowers that will come after this rain. Just like the wonderful book "The Secret Garden", I hope all of this rain will provide an abundance of blooms in the months to come.
Speaking of showers.....we have a wonderful one planned for this weekend. Our sweet Jilly is getting closer and closer to her due time and we are all so excited. So this weekend is about spoiling our dear "Mom to be" and baby too. I hope it doesn't rain on our party, but I guess a "shower" can't hurt our "shower"!!!
Stay dry, stay warm and stay tuned.


Patty said...

How exciting! Have fun. :^)

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Hey, we'll still have fun when it rains!! If the Dutch stopped doing things when it rains, nothing would get done!!

SheilaC said...

Can't believe it's almost time to welcome Little Clare.

Give Jilly a hug from me and try to stay dry!