Sunday, January 24, 2010

The fun was in the details...

Our sweet "Mom to be" is a voracious Meghan is certain our new baby will be too! So what better theme to welcome baby than to choose children's literature...and then match it to all the goodies we ate at the shower!
The theme we chose was " A New Story Soon To Be Told".

Here is "Team Baby Shower" sharing a quiet hug with Jill before the party goers all arrived.

Meghan and I had lots of fun coordinating stories and treats. How about "Red Fish, Blue Fish" and fish crackers of all colors.
The "Hungry Hungry Caterpillar" sat next to our salad selections, both fruit and greens.

"How to Make A Jam Sandwich" ( a very cute and funny story) represented our tea sandwich selections.

Peter Rabbit watched over our other table of goodies.....these were bitty quiches ( vegetable OF COURSE)!!!

"Little Pea" is one of my favorites...and sat next to a tray of veggies and dips.

The dessert table was equally filled with fun selections for Baby's library. I had to have my all time favorite "Make Way For Ducklings", and the bitty duck soaps were gifts for the children who shared the party.

Do you know the story "The Carrot Seed"? It is just delightful, and so were the carrot cake cupcakes with marzipan carrots.

Jill has shared that one of her favorite stories is "Madeline", and Oma had just the perfect recipe to go with the story!

But I think this may just be my most favorite of all!!!!

Bitty Mice sitting on cookies....what could be more appropriate, or more tasty????

Of course the detail that most touched my heart are the chocolate booties that Oma made this past week. How dear she is, and how hard she worked to add this sweet contribution to a very fun day.

I do have to thank two special helpers....Wendy, who took my camera and became THE photographer, so I could rest and enjoy the party with everyone else.

....and my friend Linda who helped me to set up, serve and then clean up too. What a great friend and we couldn't have done it without her!

Two more sweet touches. This baby bassinet was filled with flowers and given as a gift when "I" was born. It has since been refilled when I had our children, and now will be refilled again for this next baby to come.

This sweet bouquet was sent by LaDona....Meghan's Mother in Law. She wanted to attend, but sadly the roads were closed ( she lives in Sacramento) so she sent these lovely flowers instead.
How blessed I am that both of our children have married families that they love and adore and I do too!

And finally a picture of Jonathan and Meghan. When the party ended, and things were cleaned up, Meghan held back tears and said "I can't believe my brother is going to be a Dad".
I have to admit, this is causing my heart much joy, but it is also a very emotional time. The weeks ahead will go quickly and soon there will be a baby to cuddle and hold in our arms. I am excited, and look forward to this huge blessing. How quickly the years have gone much I am looking forward to this new time in our lives.


Meghan Hein said...

Ahhh. I'm crying again. I am SO, so happy for this new chapter in all of our lives. How loved Clare is already. Thank you for the wonderful memories this weekend. It was truly so special for all of us. Love you Momma!

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Annelies, I get to watch you become an Oma and live vicariously through you!! It will be fun to watch...

SheilaC said...

Annelies, I love how you and Meghan coordinated the books and food! What a great idea! And Clare will love having you read those books to her.


Yaya and Papa said...

What a cute theme for a baby shower! But no surprise considering how creative you and your family are!! I may have to borrow a bit from your ideas when my daughter and I host a baby shower for my daughter in law in April!!

Patty said...

What a wonderful idea coordinating the books theme with the food.You have a lovely family Oma is just the best love the chocolate booties!

MvR said...

What a wonderful little party that is!!! Wish I could have been there. Hope you are all doing great!

Funny, btw, how in Holland babyshowers don't excist at ALL.

I love your little carrot cupcakes, they are fab!

Thinkin of you all in the freezing Netherlands! -5 degrees celcius ;)


Carol said...

What a wonderful baby shower...I love the book theme...your mother is absolutely amazing!