Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Our First Retirement Trip.....

Brought us to Sequoia National Park where we saw some majestic mountains and lots of.....
SNOW!!!! We both took tons of photos and can't wait to visit again. The next time we hope the roads will be open all the way to the amazing Redwood trees!
Since Jim LOVES to drive, and I love the quiet time to knit, read and take naps, we went from the snow capped Sierra's to the beauty of the ocean shores.
We nestled into a favorite place for the night, and with a fireplace to keep us cozy, talked about ALL of the trips we hope to take.
If you were wondering if I get to pick any of the spots, I can only say OF COURSE I DO!!!
I spent some wonderful time in "Strawberry Patch" quilt shop in Kern County. Very sweet...and it certainly enticed me to add to my stash! does seem to be a recurring theme, but NO surprise!!! Or maybe a HUGE surprise if our baby Clare turns out to NOT be a girl.
But I have assured Jonathan and Jill that I can just as easily sew with blue in mind!!! We are counting the days.....such joy!
So what do I think of retirement so far.....loving every minute.


Patty said...

I'm happy for you and am lookig forward to the days when I can do the same... not for a while yet though.

SheilaC said...

Love the pics from your first retirement trip! Glad you both had fun


Beverly said...

Looks like a fun retiremnt trip, especially if you got to make a trip to Strawberry Patches. The pink fabrics are so pretty together. I was there today, but didn't see those. Congratulations on the upcoming birth of a granddaugher. Is it your first. I loved your book theme for the shower. I wrote some of the books down to get to read to my grandkids. We are expecting # 10 in March.

Yaya and Papa said...

Love the fabrics you chose to add to your "collection"!!!

Carol said...

What a wonderful, wonderful trip...glad you're enjoying retirement...I knew you would.

MvR said...

Thanks for the link! Suprisingly she does remind me of myself, ha!

How long till baby Claire come says hello?

Can't wait for the pictures then!

And wow, I thought I had seen a lot of snow in The Netherlands *tonight it snowed, and now everythings starting over again -sigh-*. I'm quite honestly done with it, onto spring!

Hmmmm I want to take a trip too!! Enjoy it!