Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I am REALLY liking this YEAR!!!!!

I LOVE this store....
....from its gorgeous window displays
..... the beautiful garden by the door, and then walking into the shop to breathe in the scents of delicious candles mixed with incredible creativity.
I always come away inspired and ready to create. See that lovely twirly scarf in the picture? I found a pattern and now have made four twirly scarves. I love that the inspiration is free.
I just melt when I see the cozy bedding and sniff the delectable soaps and lotions.
I dream that this table is mine....how beautiful to see a table with all white dishes and pops of color.
Align Center
...but then I see the dishes that are rich and saturated with the deepest colors and I wonder if I like that even more.
Most of my time in Anthropologie is spent dreaming....but the best news is I WON a Gift Certificate to my favorite shop so guess where I am going!!!!
Thanks SOOOO much "Sammygirl"....your blog is delightful and even though we have not met, I consider you a kindred spirit!!!!
Happy New Year to all...and thanks for starting mine on such a fun note!


Meghan Hein said...

What???? How do you get so lucky? I hope you spend every cent of it on YOURSELF! Lord knows I have more anthro than I'll ever deserve. So excited for you. Get something memorable!

SheilaC said...

Congratulations, Annelies!! Meghan is right, you had better treat YOURSELF!!!



Pam said...

Oh what fun!! ...congrats!!!

They are finally putting one in the Mall here. I'm not sure when it's opening ..I can't wait to check it out.

So what did you buy yourself??

Cheryl said...

Woohooo on the win Annie!!! Love the look of your blog!

Ava said...

ohh...one of my favorite stores!! Their displays are amazing and inspiring!