Monday, January 11, 2010

Road Trip 2010.....

My sweet husband is a HUGE fan of Prairie Home Companion....but made it MY Christmas gift to provide tickets for a showing in San Francisco.
I didn't know what to expect.....since I rarely have the patience to "listen" to the radio show, but I was excited to spend time in San Francisco and knew Jim would throw in a couple of other surprises!
The show was held in the San Francisco Opera house and that in itself made it memorable.
The interior was opulent, and the show was held before a "sold out" group of fans.
Garrison Keillor did not disappoint. The show was a mix of "retro vaudeville" and great story telling.
I imagined myself as a participant in a 1930's radio show. My favorite part was the man who created sound effects of everything from a snow plow to a seal.....all by using his voice and simple objects on the table in front of him.
The stage was simple...and the stories very basic. But we left the theatre feeling very entertained.
The rest of the road trip was equally joyful....another visit to the Apple Farm where we cozied into this delightful room.
I sat and knit while resting on the comfy couch listening to the sounds of the waterwheel and the frogs croaking in unison.
We kept the fireplace blazing....and enjoyed the treats of sparkling apple cider and the best cookies ever.
Our stay included a few stops at quilt shops.....what can I say. I have the best husband ever!!!
We also spent a lovely night in Carmel where the town is full of "storybook" houses and the shops do not disappoint. They are also known for their abundance of pastry shops....and of course we couldn't resist.
I have to end our travels with this photo of the most amazing waves I have ever seen. From the shores of Carmel, and our drive thru Big Sur, we held our breath as we saw the largest waves ever. A bit of Hawaii North Shore on the beaches at California. All in all a delightful road trip...and looking forward to lots more in 2010.


Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Looks like another relaxing trip! I bet the play was nice...the movie didn't translate this well at all, but seeing it on stage makes all the difference in the world...once saw "Love Letters," and I didn't know if I would enjoy it, but did...guess it's the nosy person in me that likes to listen to love letters!

SheilaC said...

Your room looks gorgeous! Glad you had a great time!


Meghan Hein said...

Looks like the most amazing trip. Glad you guys had a wonderful time and now I'm happy that you're home again. :)