Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Gift....

This has been a time of celebration. Life has felt like one huge party, and the gifts continue to bless me.
I have received so many lovely cards. I have gotten helpful Grandmother gifts from neighbors and lovely bouquets of flowers.
My sweet students have brought gifts for our sweet baby ( THANKS Lori) and they have continued to gift me too.
I still feel overwhelmed, but I remember a dear friend telling me that I should be as gracious in the receiving as I am in the giving. I am getting a LOT of practice!
Last night I hostessed a PINK PARTY....a thank you to my students who have been so loving to our family. Just when I thought it was MY turn to spoil my students, I found another gift to open. What sweet ladies I have....what generous hearts they possess.
Thank you Julie for this beautiful angel....she will grace my home. I am so appreciative.
Speaking of angels...this is Elaine. Two weeks ago ( pre-baby) she was making this project in class. I was very interested in what she was making, which happens a lot if there is anything baby related.
Sadly, she cut her finger with her rotary cutter in the middle of to the ER for a few stitches. Guess what? She was making this "Taggy Blanket" for Clare!!! How sweet is that, and at such a cost ( sorry about that Elaine)!!!

My gift to the students was humble compared to their generosity. Pink cupcakes, pink lemonade to wash it down, served with pink cups, pink plates and pink napkins. Do you think that is a TAD to much PINK????
And there was a little gift that my Mom made too....sweet chocolate booties to take home and enjoy. It was a very fun party, and it was so lovely to share my joy ( and pictures) with the girls I love so much.
So I have thought a lot about presents....and something has become very clear to me. The years I waited to be a Grandmother were years of listening to dear friends explain to me what I couldn't understand until I held my own Grand-baby. I have always adored my children, but holding a Grand-baby is sweet beyond words.
I am sure because in this season of my life I understand how quickly life passes us by. It makes holding and cuddling even more precious to fully understand how quickly they will grow.
I have been given many gifts in my life....but this time I feel like every birthday party and every Christmas has been combined into one joyous event. My feet still have not touched the ground. It is heavenly.


Carol said...

Never too much pink...what a fun, fun party. You know, lots of my friends got to be grandmas before I did...they all kept saying that it was like nothing I had ever experienced...I just didn't understand it, until I held Hampton for the first time. And now with our Camden it's all just multiplied. It truly is the BEST!

SheilaC said...


Keep floating on cloud 9!! No reason to come down quite yet :)


Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Oh, those cupcakes look yummy!! Seems like the party keeps going on and on! Enjoy!

Beverly said...

How sweet of you to give a Pink Party to thank your students.
When my first grandchild was born, I had to run over every day to just to smell him. Luckily his parents lived on my way home from work. I wouldn't stay, just run in and kiss his sweet head. I called it my baby fix. He's 15 now and he still lets me kiss and hug on him, but he's a head taller than me, so I have to catch him sitting down to kiss that sweet head.
where does time go? I know you will enjoy every second of that sweet little Clare.

MvR said...

just to be clear: there can NEVER be too much pink.

It's simply impossible! :)