Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Here we go again....

Retirement is agreeing with Jim...and with me too. There are some learning curves, especially when you have spent the better part of your working life on the road.
Jim does get a bit antsy to pack a suitcase and hit the road.
I do not complain...just pack my favorite magazines, a bit of knitting and off we go on some very unplanned but fun destination.
This time we began by visiting the Adamson House. We had passed this site so often on our trips thru Malibu to our Central Coast destinations that it became a bit of a joke between us. This time we actually stopped to investigate and we are so glad we did!
Would you like to visit one of the most lovely Spanish Moorish homes on the coast? The home saw lots of families enjoy the simplicity of this abode. After all this was merely the beach house...the mansion was built on the OTHER side of the road ( and sadly was lost in one of the many Malibu fires).
The beach cottage is a history of the most amazing tile work which is featured through out the home. No indoor photos were allowed, but picture quaint rooms that seem untouched since the hey day of the house in the early 1920's.

Here is a pretty view of the back of the home.
The view from the children's wing.....a huge veranda on the second floor that overlooks a scene from Coastal Paradise!
Looking down from the veranda onto the back patio. Another great use of tile and another view to take your breath away.
All over the lawns were water color artists....who loved the serenity of the home and the immense beauty of the coast. It was fun to chat with these talented artists and I just might be inspired to grab my own brush some day!

As splendid as the Adamson House is, the gardens were equally wondrous. The first day on our trip was restful and very enjoyable. Tomorrow I will share our time in Carmel...what a beautiful stay it was.


Carol said...

I'm so happy that you're enjoying is an adjustment...but sure is fun!

Beverly said...

I have never heard of this place, but the pictures were breathtaking. Glad you are enjoying being able to take off and go with your husband. Oh, now Carmel, have been there. Enjoyed walking the streets and looking in shops, then walking on the beach. Saw some B & B's I'd like to stay at. Looking forward to reading about your trip.

MvR said...

How lovely is that! It seems so peaceful!