Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Birthday wishes......

September is birthday month....and I have been sooooo preoccupied with my Mom's 88th birthday party, that I have hardly given thought that I am having a birthday too!!!!

I am never a big birthday party kind of girl. Mostly I get a bit shy with the attention, but this year I don't need any FUSS, I just need ( HUGELY NEED) my birthday present to come from IKEA.

My sewing room is in need of some major organization. The big plastic tubs full of stash worked for a while. But then there came tub on top of tub and it just became easier to buy more fabric than to move tubs to get to my stash. Things have been a LOT out of control.

Then one day I saw photos of Anne Sutton's ( Bunnyhill) sewing studio. It was PERFECT....the sewing room of my dreams.
I loved the cubicles and thought I would take a chance to email Anne and ask where they were from. I didn't really dream she would write me back ( I am SEW unworthy), but the next morning my favorite designer in the world led me to the Ikea site and so my birthday dreams began.

On the way back from the convent retreat, Linda and I dropped in at the Temecula Quilt Factory. The shop was delightful, but my heart soared when I saw THE cubbies used to display the store's wares.

The cubbies were substantial and I am sure can withstand the weight of my stash!!! I haven't stopped dreaming of my sewing room since.
I will have to wait a bit....family from Holland will arrive next week to help with the birthday celebration for Oma. I will not sew a stitch between now and then, and instead I will plot and dream till I can convince Jim to take me to IKEA.

I am hoping someday soon that my sewing closet will look just like this one belonging to Miss Bunnyhill.

What a delight it will be to be reintroduced to fabrics that have been hiding in bins. Sort of like opening up LOTS of Birthday gifts.....and for once I will even revel in the fuss!!!


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

I have the same dreams as you about organizing my fabric AND Miss Bunny Hill was in MY HOUSE!! AWWKKK!!! Lucky for me all of my stash was in the tubs in the basement at the time!

sunny said...

I can hear those cubbies calling your name! They will be so much fun to organize with. Happy Birthday!

Sandra said...

Your sewing room is lovely! It looks like a wonderful place to relax and create. Do you have other photos posted?

trish said...

Oh wow. That is so exciting! :o)
You have a great vision. :o) I share my sewing room with my husband's office, and slowly trying to work out the details. :o)
I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!
Will you please email me, your favorite color and your mailing address? :o) It's a surprise!!
Sincerely ~ Tricia

Yaya and Papa said...

My sewing room needs some reorganization too!! It seems I look at it and think I should do it.....but then my mind drifts and I think about all the projects in my head, those started and those not, those to finish and so I sew instead! I do have a nice bookshelf from Ikea in my room, but it holds some knickknacks, treasures, and quilting books, plus a couple of baskets with patterns. I have a few shelves in the closet where much of my stash is, slightly organized, but does need work! I keep saying one of these days. No place for cubies in my small sewing room-maybe more shelves in the closet. Love ya, karen

jessica said...

ikea = organization paradise. we have a smaller version of that same shelf in the girls closet. best thing ever. happy designing! and happy birthday month!