Sunday, September 5, 2010

Peace to Piece.....

Twice a year, a group of lucky girlfriends travel to the convent in Temecula for a weekend of quilting. Our meals are provided, the setting is idyllic and there is nothing to do but sew, laugh and share in the blessing of friendship.

If we were truly wearing habits, Juanice would be our Mother Superior!!!! She is the one who organizes our event, provided us with a sweet gift bag ( thanks SEW much) and even shares her adorable "greatniece" who is nothing short of an angel!!!!

Lori would be our "Sister Naughty", but she keeps us laughing from the minute we get to the the moment we leave. She is modeling the latest in adorable hats, and couldn't be any cuter!!!!

Sweet Tiffany designed the cute hat above and now is sewing a backpack for one of her four daughters. She always reminds me of "Marmee" in little women.

Gayle is UBER talented. She makes quilts, smocks, and purses we all die for. She inspires us to want to be just like her.
Can you see the tattoo on her arm.... all the "Sisters" got tattoos. Part of the Sisterhood of quilting!!!!

Sharon spent her weekend making adorable outfits for her sweet Granddaughter Grace. These strips become.......

....this cute skirt ( pattern free from Moda Bakeshop).

Laurie would be our "Sister Sews ALOT". She completes more projects than is earthly possible...maybe some heavenly intervention????

Linda is my friend/neighbor and she too can complete a list of projects in little time. Here she is trying to position her blocks.....

.....and here is the completed top!!!!

Sharon provided us with our tatoos, and made this beautiful quilt using MY pattern. I was very flattered!!!!

Chris put the binding on her incredible project....and I am in awe of her wonderful work.

Gayle works with me at QIAD....and is another UBER talented friend. She just designed and published a delightful quilt with "BlackMountain Quilts". It is called Heart have to check it out!!!!

Sondra is another QIAD girl...and finished this UFO that she has had for ten years. Gives me hope that maybe someday I will finish mine!!!!

.....and when I wasn't taking photos, I was working on this. A free pattern ( New Wave) from Oh Fransson, which you can find on her blog.
I wanted something to remind me of summer all year long. Meghan dropped by after church and saw the quilt, loved it, and asked if I made it for Baby Hein. I couldn't be more thrilled than to picture my sweet Grandbaby on this quilt. I hope that our baby loves the ocean as much as his/her ( we find out Wednesday) Oma and Mommy.

So this weekend was SEW delightful. Full of peace and time to piece. What a blessing....what a joy!!!!


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Love your Oh Franson quilt for the grandbaby! Was it difficult to make?

Clarinda said...

some beautiul work there!

Meghan Hein said...

I'm so lucky to have such a talented Momma. Baby Hein thanks you in advance!

Carol said...

What fun! What fun!

Miss Jean said...

Oh, I wish I could have gone to the retreat with you all. I just love quilt retreats. My little group has two a year and they are so much fun!