Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Busy Hands, Busy Mind...

I am so grateful that my Mom has been such a mentor for me as I have learned to knit. She encourages me, takes out my mistakes ( there are plenty) and adds her touch to my work to make it look wonderful.

It has also brought me a calmness...something I have really needed as we await Donovan's birth. There is something SOOOO soothing about the clacking of needles, and the challenges keep my mind centered.

The above sweater and hat are to welcome Donovan into the world. I am not sure that he understands that his Mommy is VERY ready to let us all have a turn to carry him around!

This sweet sweater is for our bitty girl Clare. It is hard to imagine that she is almost a year old.

She took four steps toward me yesterday with the biggest grin on her face. She is more adorable than ever and I know she will look plenty cute in her Spring sweater.

Of course Clare needed a matching hat too...this cute beret should be the perfect touch.
And speaking of touches, isn't that the cutest hanger? Part of the Shabby Chic collection at Michaels. I think ALL of Clare's sweaters will need a cute hanger don't you???

My sewing room is closed for now and finally tidied up. I am sure there will be plenty of visitors after Donovan is born, so the sewing room has gone back to being a "guest room".

I did cut out the yummy fabrics you see ( Anna Griffin's newest line) and this will be my first project when life settles down again.

The pattern came from a cute shop in Pismo Beach...a place we hope to visit again in the Spring.

But for now I am keeping my hands and my mind busy.....and thinking about the sweet boy who is taking his time to meet those who love him.

I have a pattern and yarn in my "Oma Bag" to keep me busy at the hospital. I will share the joyous news as soon as I can!!!


Meghan said...

So, so sweet Momma. I can't wait to see both of your lucky grand babies wearing such lovely sweaters. Love you!

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Sweaters are adorable!!!

Cheryl said...

Beautiful sweaters. Thinking of you all so much ((hugs))!

Carol said...

When I saw Donovan's sweater I thought "that is the cutest sweater ever" then I saw Clare's and now I don't know which is the cutest sweater EVER! They are both just precious...and the are amazing! Sending lots of good thoughts!