Saturday, January 29, 2011

Showered with blessings.....

Last year at this time my students surprised me with a "Grandmother Shower". It was the most fun.

In my Wednesday class one of my sweet students has been waiting for her first grandchild. In fact her DIL and my Meghan were due together. The students approached me about doing a surprise shower for Karen, and I thought it was a GREAT IDEA!!!!

What I didn't know was that the class was showering ME TOO!!!! They certainly surprised me....and again our sweet baby to come and I were blessed with the sweetest gifts and memories!!!!

The past weeks have been full of the kindest gifts for me to bring to Meghan. There have been stuffed animals, gifts of crochet and knitted gifts too. All have been deeply appreciated and much loved!

Here are but a few of the goodies I have been blessed with. There are Grandmother Brag Books ( I will put to good use), and gift certificates for Shutterfly to make a photo document of the joy that will soon be here.

All of the notes and well much I love my students who are really more like family.

This sweet nightlight was made by one of my newest students named Nancy. The detail is incredible...even to bitty blocks with Donovan James initials on them.

The joyous news is that Karen's bitty granddaughter is here!!! Karen leaves this week to fly to the Midwest to hold Ellie in her arms.

.....and my sweet Momma to be is still patiently waiting for her "cozy muffin in the oven" to make an appearance. It can't be that much longer!!! I can't wait to share the news!!!


Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Wow!! Another grandma shower !! Sure looks like fun!!!

Carol said...

What a wonderful surprise! Still have fingers and toes crossed!

Cheryl said...

How great are your students! Waiting for news !!