Monday, January 31, 2011

So....I SEW

I wrote in a blog entry sometime last week that I had closed down my sewing room and turned it back into a guest room. I was sure Donovan would make his appearance and I wanted to be sure to welcome those who wanted to visit.

Well....Donovan is taking his sweet time and my nervous energy got the best of me. So back to a sewing room , and I made this cute Spring coat for Miss Clare.

Clare's Mommy LOVES coats and I was sure our little miss would follow in her Mommy's footsteps.

Isn't the lining the cutest???? My student's helped me to pick it out and it made me smile as I happily sewed and sewed.

Then we waited for Donovan some more, SEW back to my fabric stash I went.

This is a party frock for our sweet girl. I found blog tutorials for all the cute accents like this flower.....

....and this ruffle too.

I thought maybe our bitty Clare might wear this for her birthday....or even better yet, for Donovan's BIRTH day!!!

It can't be that much longer. We are all SEW excited!!!!


Pam said...

Adorable!!! What fun you are having sewing for the kiddies!!

Sandra said...

This coat is just darling! The lining makes it even cuter. Great way to channel that nervous energy:)

Anonymous said...

No baby yet? The waiting is the hardest part. Your projects are sew cute! When you get a minute, can you email me a Spring class schedule. I'd like to take a class in March or April.

Carol said...

Cute as cute can be! still keeping fingers and toes crossed...I'm thinking he's going to be a very strong willed little boy...great leadership qualities.