Sunday, February 20, 2011

Birthday Season....

This is a happy and busy birthday season for our family.

Today we celebrated Gramps special day by sharing a great meal at a very fun Italian cafe!!!!

Clare has very discerning tastes for an "almost" one year old. She happily ate part of my panini and especially liked the mushrooms!!!

Eating all your meal means that you have earned dessert ( Grandparent rule). So we all feasted on some gelato and frozen yogurt....YUMMY!!!!

It was a LOT nostalgic spending time in San Juan Capistrano. Thirty four years ago ( almost to the day) I stood in front of this train car knowing I was in labor with our first baby.

Now I had a chance to stand in the shadow of that baby for a Mom and Son was wonderful!!!

Even more touching was the moment my baby stood beside his sweet wife and held HIS baby on his shoulders. Can time really pass that quickly???

A further nostalgic moment came later today. My dear Mom has saved for ALL these years the carriage I pushed our babies in.

I know this generation doesn't "get" the need for a baby carriage, but after a night of scrubbing and polishing, I am determined to push our sweet Donovan around his neighborhood in warmth and comfort. I can hardly wait!!

And speaking of WHEELS....this is what my sweet hubby treated himself to for his birthday!!!

I guess a silver Prius will be his retirement car....I knew I messed up when I ran short of time to buy him a gift!!!!

More birthday excitement coming this week.....lots to celebrate, and lots to enjoy!!!


Brabants Dagblad said...
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MvR said...

Awww that looks so sweet! Tell him congratulations from Holland! What a nice car!


Ps. the comment above was me, I was signed on on my workaccount, lol. I didn't know.

Carol said...

What a wonderful time...and you are so right...where does the time did our babies get old enough to have their own families? We are so lucky. Happy Birthday to your Hubby!

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Wow!! That's a wonderful carriage! And happy birthday to everyone!!

Beverly said...

Happy Birthday to your Hubby. Looks like a fun day for all. I love San Juan Capistrano and haven't been there in so long.
Great memories for you. I love the baby carriage. Will look forward to seeing more birthday celebrations. Wasn't Clare born on her daddy's birthday? You are right. Where does time go?