Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Feeling Swell....

I love those moments when life seems to go smoothly and sweetly...and even more so when I can find time to spend in my sewing room!!!

My favorite line of ALL TIME has to be Swell. I keep it safe and warm in my sewing cabinet, almost to the point of being a hoarder!!! But I brought out just enough to make this cute Spring Bag. I need something styling.....

....because I am going to meet Susan Branch!!!!

I have adored her books and illustrations for as long as I can remember. So when this invitation popped into my email, my sweet hubby said YES we can go ( actually he is going to drop me off....not sure HE is that big a fan ).

We will spend some time at our favorite Apple Farm, and you know if I can, I will be sure to get some pictures!!!

Yes life has been sweet...and I even got to spend time with my favorite Valentines!!! Donovan is growing and growing, and such a snuggle bug.

And our sweet Clare came to visit too...and is keeping her Oma very BUSY!!!

She too is a snuggle bug and sat happily in Gramp's lap while he read her a favorite story. Clare and Gramps are both recovering....Clare from her eye surgery and Gramps from a NASTY bout of E Coli ( hope it wasn't something I fed him)!!!!

SEW...that catches you up with what is going on in our lives. Hope your days are full of sweetness and joy too!!!!


Anonymous said...

Your new bag is beautiful. I love that fabric (I don't think I've seen it before) and that bag is the perfect size. Can you say what pattern you used? Glad everyone is on the mend...the babes are adorable and growing so fast!

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Have fun going to Susan Branch!! I love her calendars!!! And so glad to see Jim and Clare looking well!! And that Donovan is a cutie!!

Sandra said...

Cute purse! Love the fabrics and the pattern...and who could resist making a comment about all those cute babies!

Carrie P. said...

Oh, that bag is so lovely and perfect for spring. Cute little Valentine's.

Beverly said...

First...I love your new bag. So perfect for a visit to MEET Susan Branch. I have always loved her too from her very first cookbook.
I am so jealous, but oh so happy for you.
I must have missed something about little Clare's eye surgery. So sorry, but glad to hear she is recovering.
And your sweet hubby too!! E-coli!! I'm sure it wasn't something you fed him.
Keep cuddling those grandbabies. They grow up too fast.

Melissa S. said...

Swell and sweet are way up on my all time favorites as well. What a sweet bag!

Camille said...

That swell bag is adorable! I feel the same way about that line, one of my favorite of all time. I saved every scrap!

Your grandbabies are also adorable, even more so than the bag. :-)