Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Birthday JOY!!!!

It doesn't seem possible that our sweet Clare has turned a year old!!!

Our party girl couldn't have looked her ruffly taffeta dress complete with layers of petticoats. She looked like a bitty princess, and in our hearts she certainly is!!!

Mommy made the most delicious Polka Dot cake....

Clare thought that was great fun!!!

We actually had TWO celebrations. Clare was born on her Daddy's birthday....and Dad had his OWN birthday party later that evening.

How touching it is for me to share the joy with BOTH of our birthday celebrators!!!

Clare was more interested in entertaining all the guests, and not as interested in her presents.....

....until she got her "Disney Princess Ball" and she was one excited little girl!!!

Clare's Oma Oma knitted her the most wonderful dress..... with much love in each stitch.

And Clare was very excited to meet the youngest person who attended the party. We were very happy too to hold both of our Grandchildren at the same time!!!!

This past year has been one of great joy. To have experienced Clare growing into such a sweet and fun child has been beyond wonderful.

We look forward to the year ahead. This picture was taken yesterday on our weekly baby sitting morning. You can see from Clare's expression that her world is expanding and she embraces it with all her heart.

She makes us laugh, she makes us proud. But most of all she makes us happier than we thought we could ever be.


Carol said...

What a wonderful post...Happy Birthday! I can't believe she's already a year old...WOW! There is nothing in the entire world like grandchildren!

Julie Isa said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Clare!!! What a beautiful dress and heirloom! Have a fantastic week!

Beverly said...

Happy Birthday to sweet Clare and her daddy too. What a happy post, Anne. Your blessings just overflow onto you words. Darling dress too.
I can't believe it's been a year already and now you have two.
We celebrate our Emmy's first on Sunday. Where does time go?
Keep on loving those babies.

Cheryl said...

I can't believe Clare is a year old!! What a sweet, beautiful girl!! There's the quilt you worked on at camp!!!! Wonderful post Annie, and such great family photos! ((hugs))