Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Meeting Susan Branch.....

Life has been a LOT hectic lately....two bitty babies to hug keeps us traveling from one to the other. Don't get me wrong because we LOVE it, but there was also a BIG part of us ready for a mini vacation.

When I heard that Susan Branch would be speaking at a quilt guild in San Luis Obispo, it only took minutes for Jim to make our reservations at the Apple Farm.

Our room was serene and cozy with a perfect spot to knit by the fireplace and dream about meeting Susan Branch. I thought about ALL the things I would tell her...what joy she has brought to my life and how much I look forward to her "Willard" letters.

The Inn was all "bunnified" and just adorable.

The gardens were as lovely as I could ever remember. I had a chance to talk to Joseph the gardener and he even shared lots of tips for my garden!

Lots of lovely places to sit and reflect....Jim was off to photograph the lovely coast and I was counting the minutes til I got to become the number one fan!!!!

Monday night we all Mom, my SIL and my friend Linda. We found the church where Susan would be the guest speaker. We were so excited to see a room FULL of Susan Branch goodness!!!!

I found LOTS of things that had to be added to my stash.....

....and then when I was making my purchases I asked the sweet ladies if there would be ANY chance that Susan would ( insert a please, please) sign my quilt block ( made with Susan Branch fabrics...of course).

It was then that I learned that Susan Branch was SICK and would not be able to attend!!! Insert a HUGE GASP and a very disappointed look that crept onto my face.

The girls did take my quilt block which Susan will hopefully still be able to sign for me.

So the next day was spent with my husband photographing landscapes.

Which was incredibly fun....and at least ONE of us had their wish come true!!!

Oh is to hoping the moon and the stars align again someday and I truly will meet Susan Branch!!!!

In the meantime I have some cute fabrics to work with, and that will just have to keep me SEW happy!!!!


Patty@sewingseeds said...

How disappointing. At least you got a trip to the Apple Farm out of it. I have only been once but I loved it. I thinks its time for me and hubby to head north. I'm sure you enjoyed your stay!

Janet said...

That would od been so great *sigh* Im sorry! Maybe she will come again? She sure is talented!

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Oh, sorry Susan Branch was sick...after all that anticipation. I hope the quilt square will be signed and sent back to you... The Apple Farm looked cute!

Carol said...

Oh poo...I'm so sorry that you didn't get to see Susan Branch...but it sure looks like you had a wonderful time. I know how you love the Apple Farm.

the REAL girl said...

I'm so sorry you didn't get to see her. I was trying to get a flight there from Colorado to see her and hear her speak but just couldn't make it work for a reasonable price---but it wasn't meant to be for a reason, I guess! At least you got to see the fabrics, etc. AND stay at a rather cute place!!