Saturday, April 2, 2011

Things to smile about....

I took time this week to work in my garden. It feeds my soul and brings some much needed peace.

I finally settled on the fabrics to give our bedroom a fresh new look. Can't wake up grumpy in a sunny yellow room!!!!

I reintroduced myself to my sewing machine and bravely tackled some machine quilting. I just might get this quilt finished for Easter!!!!

Our little man has become two months old...and from his sly grin you can see he is feeling and doing just fine!!!

....and this week we are back to our regular and joyous " watching" Clare time. I hear there have been some BIG changes in the past few weeks. Our little miss has grown QUITE independent. Just as long as she still lets me cuddle and kiss on those adorable cheeks.

I think life is back on track...and that is a huge reason to bring on the smiles!!!


Carol said...

What wonderful news! Life is soooooooooo good! ENJOY!

Patty said...

Normalcy is a blessing isn't it?

Beverly said...

First of all let me say, I know what you mean about working in the garden. That is just why I have started my little one in my new place.
The fabrices you chose for you bedroom are yummy and will be so refreshing. Can't wait to see what happens when you do your magic to them.
Your little guy is so cute. 2 months already. What a blessing that he is doing so well.
Love he post on Meghan's MIL. How sweet that you two have that connection and litte Donovan is blessed indeed to have both of you.
I know what you mean about Clare's independence. We are going through it with our Emmy too and she doesn't have much time for cuddling as she always wants to be on the move.
I trust you got your man back safe and sound.
Happy Sewing, friend.