Friday, April 15, 2011

The Vacation that WAS a Vacation!!!!

When our Tennessee vacation ended so abruptly ( Donovan is doing GREAT and all is well in my world), we had Marriott points that would expire if we didn't use them NOW.
So we planned an impromptu vacation ( again....but this time close to home) and hopped into the Prius for a trip along the California Coast.

One of the most lovely spots in California is estate from the turn of the century that rivals anything you could find in England.
The gardens are a bit of Heaven and in the Springtime even more so.

We spent hours walking the many gardens, all bringing to life my favorite childhood book "The Secret Garden".

Great shopping too!!!!!

I was filled with a peace that spending quality time in nature brings....but there were more lovely places to visit.

Next stop.....the Napa Valley.

Home to wonderful vistas, wonderful wines and lovely
estates that provided a perfect place for a picnic lunch.

Our drive on the way home was equally restful. There is nothing more majestic than the winding roads of Big Sur.

The ocean views are breathtaking and we even spotted a whale!!!!

Wildflowers were in abundance....

....which got my gardener juices flowing.

So a stop at a favorite garden shop in Cambria, and later a stop in a local garden center provided me with plants and seeds to help me remember all of the loveliness in my own garden!

Of course you knew we had to spend some time at the Apple Farm...always welcoming, always restful.

While leaving to go home is always a mix of joy and sadness....more lovely views like this
provided for a lovely drive home.

....and when the kids called us with a surprise gift of Angel tickets, we had a very perfect last day of vacation!!!! The littlest fan seemed to enjoy the game very much.

But of course NO vacation is complete without lots of stops at Quilt Shops ( sorry Jim) and I will be sure to share those tomorrow!!!!

It felt like the perfect vacation to help us re-coop from the OTHER vacation. Now to get into the garden and plant some of the loveliness I got to bring home!!!


mkbruin said...

Oh my goodness, one of my co-workers is a docent at Filoli and has been telling me all about how amazing it is. I'm planning a visit for the weekend after Mother's Day with my Mom and Aunt. Glad to hear Donavan is fully recovered : )

Patty said...

Looks like a lovely respite after the harried times you all went through. Glad to hear the good news about Donovan.

Cheryl said...

Beautiful pictures..and a much desserved getaway!!! Life is good.

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Glad you got your well deserved vacation!

Carol said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm so happy that all is well at home and that you all were able to get away and ENJOY! Cheryl is so right...Life truly is GOOD!