Monday, May 16, 2011

Are Crafting Oma's a good thing?????

Having an Oma who loves to sew and knit might be a blessing....or a curse!!!!

I bribed Clare with lots of grapes so I could take a few pics of her styling the new dress I made her.

Hmmmm....maybe she was not quite sure about the dress, but she sure loved her grapes!!!!

This Oma thought she looked like a princess....but then she ALWAYS looks like a princess to me.

Not to be left out....I knitted this hat for our sweet Donovan.

His Mommy thinks he looks like an owl. Make that a VERY cute owl!!!!


Meghan said...

Crafting Oma's are THE BEST! I love my little owl!

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

So cute!!!

Carol said...

I think Crafting Oma's are a very good thing! Donovan and Clare are very lucky children to have you!

The Dease Family said...

We think crafting Oma's are great, and I think that Clare looks like a princess too!

Beverly said...

She is a princess and that dress is fit for a cute.
Donovan little round face and that cap does make him look like an cute too.
They are both blessed with a crafty Oma.
Clare has more hair than Emmy...but not much more.LOL